What I can offer you and assist you with based on my background as an shamanic practitioner, healer, and an ET experiencer.

Healing conversations/sharing paranormal experiences

(I am here to create a safe haven for those who want to share their stories and       experiences with someone they can feele safe with and who listens. Sharing our stories and experiences is often a powerful tool for healing, and to expand our consciousness on our spiritual journey in life as to who and what we truly are, and why we are here).

- nok 500,- an hour.

Spiritual counceling/guidance

- nok 250,- 30 min, nok 500,- an hour.

Healing/long distance healing

- nok 250,- 30 min (long distance), nok 500,- an hour at location.


- nok 500,- an hour.

Animal communication

- nok 250,- 30 min.


phone 91648069


Take care and be safe,

love and light to you,

Tatjana Ulvehjerte