Videos of various sigthings by Tatjana Wolfheart and other inspirational movies

My story... the beginning....

As an extra terrestrial contactee I am sharing my childhoods first encounter with enlightened extra terrestrial beings and their light ship. I am also sharing my grandmothers story about her encounter with these beings.

Healing experiences with ET beings

Orbs-multidimensional beings filmed at my home with night vision and then slowed down. It is being filmed in my meditation room and some of them are spirit guides and other outer worldly visitors

Contact experience during skywatch with an ET sphere craft. Filmed with my phone outside my house at Espa, Norway. It had an opposite flight direction than an aeroplane and made no sound at all.

ET sphere/craft sighting 28.5.17

Sighting at skreifjellet/Mjøsa/Norway 13.4.16

ET contact experience

Sharing Sioux prophecy by Wallace Black Elk to support the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock, and to bring hope to the healing of Mother Earth and all Sentient Beings.

ET sphere craft sighting, sept 2017

I was called to go outside on a cloudy night. The sphere appeared in a small gap in the clouds. At first I filmed it with night vision, and then I turned the cam corder to normal recording.